Monday, September 20, 2010

Art Fire vs. eBay

IMHO-Art Fire is 10 times better than eBay for handmade artisan products.  For one, Art Fire doesn't charge ANY fees to list an item or when it sells.  The only way they make their money is by artisans who sign up for their Pro Account (which is only 15.95 a month).  You are in no way obligated to do this.  You can stay a basic memeber for no charge and still get unlimited listings with no hidden fees.  It is awesome!  So any money that you make is all yours to keep.  I have also done much better with selling on Art Fire.  I have sold a total of 3 items on eBay in the last 2 months and sold a total of 6 items on Art Fire in the last 2 weeks.  Art Fire has many ways of advertising (for free) a listing or the entire studio.  It truely is dedicated to the artists. 
If you are an artist looking for a great way to sell your products at no cost....then Art Fire is where it's at!

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